How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (2023)

Resources are materials or points that you need in order to give upgrades to your character in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Depending on what aspect of your character that you are trying to upgrade, you are going to need a different resource. For instance, upgrading core stats requires stat points which can only be earned with EXP.

There is plenty of incentive to invest time in farming resources for upgrades. The returns of investment that you will obtain is a stronger character that can survive any encounter with strong enemies in the world of Midgard.

AFK Mode with Odin’s Blessing

In most RPGs on mobile, a method known as idling is a popular way to earn EXP without ever having to manually control your character. Ragnarok X: Next Generation allows you to idle with its auto-battle system that contains multiple tweakable settings. The settings are as follows:

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (1)

  • Skills Settings – allows you to select the skills that will be used during auto-battle.
  • AFK Range – determines the scope of the AFK mode.
    • AFK in Place – your character will never move while in AFK. Your character will not attack an enemy unless that enemy directly approaches your character.
    • Nearby Range – your character will attack nearby enemies but will never go too far.
    • Current Screen – your character will attack any enemy regardless of their distance from one another as long as they are on-screen.
    • Whole Map AFK – it does not matter if the enemy is not on-screen, your character can traverse the entire map to eliminate them.
  • Auto counter – enables counter abilities in AFK mode.
  • Protect Party – enables/disables the ability to protect teammates in a party from enemies.
  • Auto normal attack – enables/disables use of normal attack in AFK mode.
  • Casting priority – determines the order of skills to be used in AFK mode.
    • Default: healing > team buff > individual buff > AoE damage > single-target damage
    • Skill List Order: the order depends on the arrangement of Skill Settings.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (2)

  • Auto Recover – allows you to set an HP or SP threshold that determines when your character should use a potion to refill either stat. The order of potions to be used can be arranged. Additionally, the feature itself can be disabled but it is best not to do so.

Doing Daily Quests

Doing quests is a quick way of earning EXP for both Base Level and Job Level as well as a good amount of Zeny. Out of all quests in the game, there is one type of quest that is the most efficient in terms of farming resources.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (3)

In central player hubs like Proneta and Izlude Island, you can find bulletin boards called Mission Boards that contain multiple side quests. These side quests are called Daily Quests (or dailies) and completing them can grant you the following rewards:

  • Around 100,000 Base and Job EXP
  • 140 Odin’s Blessing, which is required if you want to have the blessing turned on for a longer duration.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (4)

Daily quests can be admittedly boring at worst but slightly tedious at best. Dailies usually just involve simple missions that involve delivering a certain number of materials to an NPC, eliminating a set number of enemies, and other mundane tasks that should not take too long to accomplish.

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Dailies is an efficient way to farm resources however you can only complete a maximum of 10 daily quests per day. The quests reset every 5:00 in server time.

Selling Unused Items

There can be no other faster way to make a quick buck than selling items that you no longer use.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (5)

Unwanted items can be sold in exchange for Zeny in the Sundries Store. You can sell any item in this store so you can dump all your unused items here.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (6)

Alternatively, you can also sell items to the Chamber of Commerce employee. What makes the selling to the employee better is that his selling price is 30% of the buying price. This means that you can get more Zeny if you sell to the COC employee. The only downside is that the employee only buys Materials, and not any other category.

Life Activities

Doing life activities is the primary way of acquiring materials that you need to craft items that will ultimately be used to upgrade gear (i.e., enchantment stones).


Fish can be a requirement for upgrades. There are multiple fishing spots all over the map. The one in Prontera South Gate will be the one that you will first encounter.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (7)

You need a cast and bait to fish. Fortunately, you will automatically receive a cast from Xavier, a master fisherman (or rather fishercat), who will teach you how to fish during the game’s tutorial.


How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (10)
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Beginner Fishing Bait is the first one you will use and is infinite in amount. If you want better quality bait to gain more chances of catching better fish, you can purchase some from Alberta.


Mining is the primary method of obtaining Upgrading Materials which can ultimately be used by Holgreffen in Prontera to upgrade your equipment. The mines are located in Mjolnir Mountains region, more specifically the Mjolnir Dead Pit

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (11)

There are multiple areas in the mine called Ore Veins with differing levels. At first, you can only access Ore Vein Level 1 but you can access the other Ore Veins once you reach the appropriate mining level. You need to level up to Mining Level 2 to access Ore Vein Level 2. Levelling up can be accomplished by mining repeatedly.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (12)

Do not forget that a pickaxe is required to mine, and you can buy this from the Sundries Store. There are two types of pickaxes: the normal and advanced. They differ in the amount of time it takes to complete one mining attempt. The advanced pickaxe is faster than the normal one but unfortunately more expensive.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (13)

Pickaxes have limited durability and will break when its health reaches 0% With that, make sure to buy enough pickaxes if you are planning a long mining session.


There is a diverse array of plants in the in-game map and these plants are often ingredients to materials that are needed to upgrade your character’s items.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (14)

Each plant has a different area and time of growth. Use the game’s Life menu to automatically pathfind your way to the nearest area where the plant that you are looking for commonly grows.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (15)

Unlike mining, you cannot gather the plant immediately as you need to wait until the plant’s maturity time dies down for you to finally claim it. This also means, however, that you may have to compete with other players who also want to gather the same plant.


The fruits of labor from mining and gardening is manifested through smelting.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (16)

Smelting is the act of creating the actual materials that are needed to further upgrade your equipment. For instance, the enchantment stones needed for weapon and armor enchantment.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (17)

The smelting encyclopedia contains information about the ingredients that you need to smelt an item. You can use this to automatically pathfind your way to the ingredients. Smelting can be done immediately from the smelting menu. There is no need to approach a specific NPC or go to a specific place.


You can cook certain dishes that can give your character a temporary buff to their stats.

How to Get More Resources for Upgrades in Ragnarok X: Next Generation | BlueStacks (18)
(Video) Ragnarok X: Next Generation How to level up fast

For instance, Meat n’ Pumpkin I temporarily increases your Strength stat by 10 points for 30 minutes. Particular ingredients are needed to cook a meal. You can just refer to the cooking encyclopedia to gather information about the ingredients and where to gather them.


Where do I get upgrade material in Ragnarok X? ›

Upgrading Equipment

Aside from leveling up your equipment, you can also do upgrading that allows additional stats aside from the base stats. To upgrade, just talk to the NPC Hollgrehenn at the Prontera Square or from other major cities.

How do you upgrade tier weapons in Ragnarok X? ›

How to Upgrade its Tier Level. Instance tier can be upgraded by the MVP Set Weapon Upgrade NPC in the major cities. The first one is from the Prontera which is for Golden Thief Bug (Level 25 set), you can find the NPC for tier upgrade at the Prontera with the NPC named “Golden Thief Bug Set Weapon Upgrade”.

How do you unlock Shadow equipment Rox? ›

Option first you need to be in a gill. Once the shadow equipment quest is available to you you will

What is luck in Ragnarok X? ›

Luck (LUK)

Stat points can be earned by levelling up your character's base level. Base level is indicated by the red bar on the bottom-left of the screen. It is important to note that Base Level is different from Job Level (indicated by the blue bar besides the Base Level bar).

How do I upgrade my Rox white gear? ›

ROX: Equipment Upgrade/Tier Up for White Items Ragnarok X - YouTube

Where do I upgrade metal Rox? ›

To get Upgrading Metals, you can mine them at the Ore Vein (Lv. 1) using a Normal Pickaxe, which can be purchased from General Merchant for 18,000 Zeny.

Can enchantment be transferred Rox? ›

A new major update has finally come to Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX). The update included the Enchantment Conversion, where players can now convert their enchantment to another city's enchantment; this helps players to do enchantment to another town without doing it from scratch.

How do I get Rox blueprint headgear? ›

You can buy the blueprints from the NPC, Smile Assistance, each major city in Ragnarok M Eternal Love has Smile Assistance and each for sale is different. There's also headgear sold in special NPC like Bell Dandy Zodiac, Time NPC and etc..

How do you get a gold weapon in Rox? ›

The gold weapon is from MVP drops, this option will be unlocked at level 29. From the MVP list, you can look at the items available from the MVP. MVP will drop a gold weapon and also headgear with the best stats.

How do you upgrade Rox shadow weapon? ›

CHEAPEST way to upgrade Shadow Weapon for F2P! [Ragnarok Next ...

How do you get Shadow equipment? ›

Shadow Equipment can be obtained from: Shadow Item Quest. Talk Like a Pirate Day Event. Kachua's Secret Key.

How do you change jobs in Rox? ›

[ROX] Multi Job Feature. How To Switch Job? - YouTube

What is the max stat in Rox? ›

Stats start out with a base value of 1 and can be raised as far as 99. Third Class job characters can increase stats up to 120. Base stats are increased by spending stat points, higher stats costing more to raise (particularly for base stats beyond 100).

What is flee in Rox? ›

Flee (or Flee rate) is a character's ability to avoid being hit by regular attacks and most melee skills. The more Flee a character has, the less likely they will be hit by an attack.

How does Rox reduce channeling time? ›

You can reduce the variable channeling time of skills by increasing your haste (VIG).

How much stamina does a Pickaxe Rox give? ›

You can do other stuff with your time while Mining is going on and until the pickaxes finish. The second thing that runs out is Stamina, which is used for all of your Life Skills. Each mining attempt can cost up to 4 stamina, lower Stamina for lower veins and lower worth items.

How do you increase Rox enchantment? ›

Equipment enchanting is one of the best way to increase your character's stats in Ragnarok X. You can enchant your equipment from the enchant NPCs throughout Rune Midgard thrice for each equipment. Re-enchanting or re-rolling is very common habit of ROX players because they always want the best stats as possible.

How do you activate awakening in Rox? ›

Awakening can be unlocked at level 40 after following the main quest and subquest in Ragnarok X. It can be accessed by clicking on the arrow below the map icon near the life skills. Awakening has four parts: enchant awakening, refine awakening, upgrading awakening, and card awakening.

How do you transfer items in Rox? ›

Since you cannot transfer items between your character in ROX, when you received an item that is not for your class and the item is mark as Bound, using that item is useless. The only way to disposed it that are beneficial for you is to Dismantle the item (if its equipment) or sell it to the NPC.

How much is kingdom pass Rox? ›

The Glory Pass which contains the costume and mount requires you to purchase it using Diamonds. The cost for Glory Pass is 4,800 diamonds or much or less 50,000 crystals.

Where can I buy luminary Stone Rox? ›

🔖 Luminary Soulstone I, II : can be obtained thru Mining area, Exchange Center, Ultimate Showdown. 🔖 Shadow equipment upgrading material I,II: can beobtained thru smelting from Magic Furnace, Exchange Center.

What level do you unlock Odin's blessing? ›

Odin's Blessing unlocks when you reach level 25. This feature is always off by default. To activate, just click Odin's Blessing icon located in the middle of the screen.

How do you get a third job at Rox? ›

Players will need to achieve Job Level 70 and above to unlock their character's 3rd job class. They'll need to pick up a quest at the Glast Heim Churchyard, which will require them to enter Glast Heim and complete three tests.

What is it called when you have multiple jobs? ›

"Side Hustling" This is the slang term for the increasingly common practice of taking on extra work or having a business on the side of your salaried job.

How much does Dex increase casting speed Elden ring? ›

Furthermore, by dividing the 10 added points of Dexterity by the 20-millisecond difference, it can be determined that every 1 point of Dexterity increases your casting speed by 2 milliseconds.

How do you become a high wizard in Ragnarok? ›

To become a High Wizard, you must find a book called 'the Book of Ymir' in 'Sage Castle', Juno. The book will lead you to Valhalla so you can change your job through the High Wizard Job NPC. Also you must reach at least Job Level 40 as a Transcendent 1st class character.

What is fixed cast time? ›

Fixed Cast Time or FCT

this type of duration cannot be reduced by status. It can only be reduced by certain skills or items. FCT = (BaseFCT - Sum_FCT) × (1 − Max_FCTReduction ÷ 100) ✅ BaseFCT = VCT of the skill. ✅ Sum_FCT = Summation of items/skills used (to reduce the cooldown) (Constant)

What is PVE in Rox? ›

PVE stands for 'Player vs. Environment", while PVP stands for 'Player vs. Player'. In PVE environments, players work against non-player characters/monsters, or NPC's to accomplish tasks.

What is COC mission? ›

The Chamber of Commerce (COC) Mission in Ragnarok X Next Generation are one of the daily chores that you can do in the game. It also gives you a Gacha coin where you can use to play Gacha's for headwear, card and equipment. Taking the whole COC Mission tasked will also take you about 5 to 15 minutes to complete.

Where is the mission board Rox? ›

Mission board quest can be unlocked at Prontera once you reach level 15. Just talk to the NPC standing next to it.


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