I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire (Mr. Robert Edwin House Quest) (2022)

The sycophants that work for me believe that today's "victory" over China is yet another "final nail" in China's metaphorical coffin. With Anchorage freed from Chinese occupation, many angry Americans wanted nothing more than to invade China, to make them bleed for every life lost during their capture of Anchorage. My so-called "peers" were literally drooling at the money offered to them by the government, too distracted by their own greed to realize how little that money will protect them when the first Atom Bomb drops.

Me? I know what's going to happen. All the money in the world can't save you if you're too blind to see the truth. They'll squander everything they have, like some common junkie, just to get another contract, never bothering to look outside and see the true future this country faces: A nuclear holocaust.

Still, even if I am the lone visionary of this age who will survive the coming destruction, I am the most suitable candidate to rebuild human civilization. After all, who else would you turn to? The men in charge of the 'Commonwealth'? The fools in charge of West Tek? The idiots running Vault-Tech, solely siphoning government money building Vaults that are inferior to your (at least temporarily) discontinued RobCo Caches? No, those imbeciles would only end up destroying the world twice over with how incompetent they are.

And so, at the end of the day, only I can guide the remnants of humanity into the future. Only I can help us not just rebuild this world after America and China are done ruining it, but spread our reach to the very stars. I am the only man alive capable of doing that. And, unlike all others currently alive, I will not squander my chance to lead humanity to a new age.


(Time to Detonation: Select how long you have before the bombs drop.)

[][TTD] Count Down To Zero: "My current predictions indicate that, at the minimum, I'll have one more year at most before nuclear war inevitably erupts. I won't know the exact date, but I should have the Platinum Chip finished by the time China and the United States start lobbing bombs at one another." (One year before the bombs drop.)

[][TTD] T-Minus Ten: "Two years is the maximum that the world's Super Powers will refrain from instituting nuclear armageddon, for that's the amount of time before the United States Army will attempt a full-scale assault on the Chinese Mainland." (Two years before the bombs drop.)

[][TTD] The Long War: "Three years is my most optimistic prediction. As an assault on China will require a massive army of robots and soldiers equipped with Power Armor, the army is focusing a build-up of their equipment so they can run through the Chinese lines and breakthrough to their capital shortly after making landfall on China's mainland." (Three years before the bombs drop.)

(Joint Projects: Choose as many as you want, but each one must be completed by the end of the year. Failure to do so will result in the JP being declared a failure and you will lose access to them. Unless, of course, you buy out the company that offers you the Joint Project in the first place.)

[][JP] Mass-Production Q-35 Matter Modulator: Colonel Moretti is someone you've been working closely with recently. See, the military wanted a new heavy plasma weapon to replace the Winchester P94 plasma caster, and you won the contract to make said replacements. Alongside Moretti, your engineers constructed a small group of prototype weapons, known as V.32, V.33, V.34, and, the final working version, V.35. While you would have been fine calling it the V.35 Plasma Rifle, Xuan was the one who gave it its longer name. Now, if you want to finish the original contract, you need to begin producing them in substantial numbers for the military.
+ New Projects: Q-35 Production/Rollout (0/200)
+ Dice Required: Industrial
+ Results: Can produce Q-35 Matter Modulators in small numbers for your organic forces. Can create variants of your robots armed with the Q-35. Increase your relationship with Colonel Moretti. Colonel Moretto unlocked as a partial advisor. +200 Resources. +10 Military Support.

[][JP] X277 "Viper" Magnetic Rail Cannon: Created by West Tek, this prototype weapon was meant to be a decent force multiplier for power armored soldiers. The only reason why it's not being shipped out to the frontlines is thanks to its outrageous cost. Then again, that can be said for all WT inventions, even the Power Armor they're famed for. It wouldn't be too hard for your engineers to streamline the design so the US army, along with RobCo, won't be bankrupted by buying just a few of these things.
+ New Projects Unlocked: X277 V MRC Streamlining (0/350 Progress needed)
+ Dice Required: Research.
+ Results: Can build Viper Rail Cannons. Can build anti-missile Vipers to protect the Mojave. +200 Resources.

[][JP] Medical Power Armor: Another creation of West Tek, this is an additional Power Armor variant that administers Med-X and Stimpacks to wounded and crippled soldiers. On its own, it can allow a single soldier, who's already a miniature tank that walks, to stay in a fight for far longer than normal. Of course, besides wanting to use some of your factories to pump them out without interfering with their other PA production lines, they need your help to fix a problem. See, while the suit's AI, based on the Mistery Gutsy, can detect Med-X just fine, it can't seem to tell the difference between Med-X and Stimpacks, so it will default to injecting the user with Med-X even when they need a Stimpack. The reason for this glitch appearing has been blamed on the most interesting piece of tech in the suit, a device the prevents the wearer from getting addicted to the Med-X the armor automatically injects. Some are arguing that the long time needed to actually make the Med-X non-addictive, nearly three hours, is too long of a delay, especially if it's messing up the primary purpose of the armor.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Medical Power Armor (0/150), Addiction Preventer (0/200)
+ Dice Required: Industrial/Research
+ Results: Medical Power Armor can now be produced. Increases the effectiveness of your Power Armored infantry. Can research additional tech to decrease the addictiveness of other combat stims. +300 resources. +10 Military Support.

[][JP] General Martin Retslaf: The commander of Hopeville's Commonwealth Defense Administration is an odd man. He may be a strong believer in his country, but he's not a fanatic, so you have a chance to gain his partial allegiance when the war finally starts, and when he and his men will need somewhere safe to fall back to after firing their own nuclear missiles at China. If they fire them, that is. Of course, to earn the respect of this experienced commander, you'll need to help both him, the soldiers at the Hopeville base, and the inhabitants of nearby Ashton.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Hopeville Investment(0/150), RobCo Auto-Cache, Hopeville (0/300)
+ Dice Required:
+ Results: General Retslaf as an ally. Hopeville, and by extension Ashton, are better protected and civilians and soldiers are more likely to survive. The General has promised you access to a small amount of "Saturnite".

[][JP] Slasher: General Constantine Chase is famed by the public for his defeat of the Chinese at Anchorage, but privately many hold contempt for his "little stunt", where he tested his company's new combat drug, Psycho, on his own troops. Then there's also the whole, "Doe trafficking" debacle that Major Newton discovered. Still, even if many other generals, like Retslaf, feel quite a bit of contempt for the man, one can't deny that he holds much sway over the army at the moment, so getting on his good side would be a wise decision. And, would you look at that, it seems Chase Research And Development is trying to create a new variant of Psycho called "Slasher" by mixing it with Med-X. RobCo may be a robotics company, but you do have some skilled chemists working for that CR&D would love to have the help of.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Slasher (0/200)
+ Dice Required: Chemicals
+ Results: Slightly increased the effectiveness of your organic forces. +200 Resources. +10 Military Support. ???

[][JP] Tesla-Beaton: Energy weapons are some of the most devastating items ever put into the hands of infantrymen, and, at the present moment, can be separated into four distinct groups: Lasers; Plasma; Gauss; and Pulse. Now the military is in search of a new type of energy weapon, the Tesla Cannon. While the other four types are good at ripping apart soldiers, there's a need for one that can rip apart enemy vehicles and air support. Of course, you do have your own plans for these Tesla-based weapons.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Tesla-Beaton Production (0/400)
+ Dice Required: Industrial.
+ Results: Tesla-Beatons produced for both the military and private use. Can build enlarged Tesla Cannons to protect the Strip. +300 Resources. +10 Military Support. ???

[][JP] AER14: The AER line of laser rifles has always been a testbed for new laser rifle upgrades, and the AER14 is just the newest model made. Since RobCo's headquarters is located in Vegas, the same place the AER14 is being tested, you could offer RobCo's technological skill to help them finish it long before things reach a boiling point.
+ New Projects Unlocked: AER14 (0/250)
+ Dice Required: Research.
+ Results: The AER14 is fully finished. Increases the effectiveness of your infantry forces. +200 Resources. +5 Military Support.

[][JP] Liberty Power Source: Liberty Prime, too many people, should be your Magnum Opus. To you? It's an interesting attempt, but the lack of a good power source has rendered it useless to you and the army. Of course, Liberty Prime could be of immense use in a post-apocalyptic world, so it may be useful to make a power source Prime can actually use.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Liberty Power Source (0/500)
+ Dice Required: Research/Robotics/Industrial
+ Results: Liberty Prime activated. +50 Military Support.

[][JP] The P.A.M. Initiative: The Predictive Analytic Machine is, for you, mostly a pointless piece of technology. You already know that nuclear war is inevitable, and you doubt P.A.M will be able to change the outcome. Alas, if you don't assist them, they'll just go to someone else and, useless project or not, you will need more resources and money if you want even a part of Vegas to survive.
+ New Projects Unlocked: P.A.M. (0/150)
+ Dice Required: Robotics.
+ Results: +1 Free Dice. +10 Military Support. ???

[][JP] CIRCUITBREAKER: The fear of Chinese technology has been prevalent for many years, and the (for some reason completely capitalized) "CIRCUITBREAKER" is another attempt by the US Army to stay one step ahead. Its sole purpose is to disable Chinese Power Armor, which may not even exist, if the "Reds" ever invade America or if the US Army needs to invade China. The current prototype is, strangely enough, located at Nellis. Colonel Roy Blackwell, the man currently in charge of the base, is annoyed that one of his hangars has been converted into a makeshift laboratory for "some gun we don't need". Perhaps you could gain an ally in the Colonel by helping the scientists temporarily under his command finish their prototype so he can finally get more of his pilots back into the sky.
+ New Projects Unlocked: CIRCUITBREAKER (0/400)
+ Dice Required: Research
+ Results: Increases the effectiveness of your forces when facing enemies wearing power armor. Colonel Blackwell can send more Vertibirds out to defend the Mojave. +200 Resources. +20 Military Support.

[][JP] Tesla Armor (Non-PA): While China lacks Power Amor, they most certainly have Energy Weapons. And, just like the CIRCUITBREAKER, the army wants something can use against them. This "Tesla Armor" is meant to absorb energy-based projectiles like lasers and plasma. This did result in a usable set of armor that makes it easy for non-Power Armour wearing soldiers to shrug off energy blasts... but it also offered little protection against regular bullets. So, for now, the military is scrapping the project and shipping off the only prototypes to National Guard bases, just in case America does get invaded. This is, in your opinion, a massive waste of resources, as energy weapons are becoming more common, and they may encounter more of them than ballistic weapons when they assault China. Plus, for why you're interested in it, there will be a lot of laser and plasma, and pulse to a lesser extent, surplus left in America than anyone can grab after the country falls apart.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Tesla Body Armor (0/200)
+ Dice Required: Research
+ Results: Tesla Body Armor improved. Increases the effectiveness of organic infantry. +50 Resources. +10 Military Support.

[][JP] Auto-Miner Mark II: Hornwright Industrial has been rivals with Garrahan Mining Co. for years, and wishes to corner the market on Black Titanium. They, along with Garrahan, are planning on holding a competition to show off their own technological advancements. Of course, since they want to win, your contacts in Hornwright have made it clear that they want to cheat and have their Auto-Miners beat the Excavator Power Armor employed by Garrahan. Some people in the company, though, still want you to create a new version of the Auto-Miner to make their victory over Garrahan even more undeniable.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Auto-Miner Mark II (0/250)
+ Dice Required: Robotics
+ Results: Auto-Miner Mark II designed. +1 Resources Dice. +250 Resources.

[][JP] Project Phoenix: Grafton Steel has a vision, one where Power Armor can be made so cheaply but efficiently that an entire civilian workforce can be equipped with them. This so-called "Project Pheonix", while not useful to RobCo at the moment thanks to the amount of automation you employ in your factories, would make it far easier for humans to rebuild the world after a nuclear holocaust.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Civilian Power Armor (0/400)
+ Dice Required: Research
+ Results: Access to cheaper, civilian-grade Power Armor that can be mass-produced. +1 Industrial Dice. +8 to Industrial rolls. +100 Resources.

[][JP] Project Beanstock: Arkatos Pharma is a company you've with in the past, and most of your previous interactions have been purely beneficial to both of your companies. And, thanks to the trust you've built, you've learned about a few of their sidelined projects. While quite a few catch your eye, it's Project Beanstock that's the most interesting at the moment. The crops they were genetically creating could certainly help Vegas' surviving populace once the rest of the country falls apart.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Project Beanstock (0/300)
+ Dice Required: Research
+ Results: Can preserve certain plant species. +100 Resources.

[][JP] Project Paradise: Many men in the US government fear that a nuclear war is imminent. While their beliefs are based on fear rather than logic, they have been trying to find technology that can allow humanity to thrive in a radioactive world. One of Arkatos Pharma's current projects is the construction and testing of "Bio-Domes" that will allow small amounts of plants and animals to survive most of the planet being bathed by nuclear fire. If you don't want whatever humans that survive the apocalypse to starve, you'll need these Bio-Domes fully perfected.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Bio-Domes (0/400)
+ Dice Required: Research
+ Results: Bio-Domes can now be built in Vegas. Can now preserve certain plant and animal species. +100 Resources.

[][JP] The Sierra Madre: Frederick Sinclair has been working on his passion project, the Sierra Madre, for years at this point. Of course, since the project is so big, he's had to hire a lot of help to build everything he envisioned... and he's never been that good at picking friends. One of the companies contracted to build the main casino and villas, is openly corrupt and it's only thanks to Sinclair's stubbornness and denseness that he can't see the truth. While he probably won't let you help him, and you don't really need to waste time overseeing everything yourself, you can give the other company building the Sierra Madre, which is one you've actually worked with in the past, a bulk order of Constructrons to them as you know they'll actually put them to good use. You aren't doing this out of the "kindness" of your heart, of course. It will be home to many skilled men and women, and other skilled and influential people will constantly be passing through it, people who could help Vegas prosper, and letting them all die thanks to a few corrupt minor pawns would simply be a waste.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Constructrons To Sierra Madre (???)
+ Dice Required: Industrial
+ Results: ???

[][JP] Mister Torturer: The army, unofficially, wants a robotic torturer to use on their prisoners. While this robot will "hypothetically" be based on the Mr. Handy, they know that RobCo is the only reason why the modern Mr. Handy models are so useful. Of course, many people would find such a thing distasteful, to the least, so you have to keep the project as under wraps as possible if you don't want the government to claim that this deal never existed.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Mister Torturer (0/250)
+ Dice Required: Robotics
+ Results: Mister Torturers Created. +500 Resources. +20 Military Support. ???

[][JP] Nuka-World: RobCo has always had a "friendly" relationship with Nuka-Cola, as your company is one of the few reasons they're both so productive and so well guarded. The latest contract they had you work on was one for a series of Protectrons and Assaultrons themed around their new theme park, "Nuka-World". While you don't see why anyone would care, it seems some guests have been complaining that the "Nuka-Variants", as some of your engineers have joking called them, are "too similar"... to what they are. So, now Nuka-Cola wants at least two new robot models that, at least visually, have little in common with your current designs. Ugh, sometimes you really wish capitalism didn't run on the 'market value' of average people's simple-minded ideas.
+ New Projects Unlocked: Nuka-Bots (0/200)
+ Dice Required: Robotics
+ Results: New Robot Models created. Combat variants of these robots are created. +200 resources.

(Choose Three At Max. These only need to be completed before the end of the Pre-War Phase. But, if you choose to delay the Great War by an additional year or two, you will not be able to select new businesses to buy out if you've yet to buy out the last set of businesses you decided on.)

[][BO] H&H Tools Company: You, technically, own most of your family's company, H&H Tools now. Of course, your brother has not taken the news well and has kept a very possessive hold over Vegas' main H&H factory, driving himself every madder, thinking that you're out to get him. In a way, he is right. You are coming after the factory, but you could care less about Anthony himself. It's the factory you want, and you would never bother tormenting him for the rest of his life when you have far more important things to worry about.
+ Effects: +1 Industrial Dice.
+ Progress Needed: 0/100, Or sacrifice 10 Military Support
+ Special Results: Anthony House's sanity decreased even more.

[][BO] Grafton Steel: The higher-ups of Grafton Steel are, and even you have to admit this, horrible people. Thanks to how authoritarian the country has gotten, something you don't really mind as long as they don't try to nationalize RobCo, Grafton has been treating every worker, even the CEO's half-brother, as an expendable tool and threatening to brand anyone who dares complain as a communist that needs to be thrown in jail "to preserve the sanctity of the American Dreams". Thanks to this, not only would the workers love for the company to be bought out by anyone else, but the number of workplace deaths and injuries that have happened in their factories, almost all of which have been covered up, would cause their investors and shareholders to go into a frenzy. The perfect opportunity to swoop in and forcibly take over Grafton.
+ Effects: +1 Industrial Dice, +5 to Industrial Dice. Increases production of Black Titanium.
+ Progress Needed: 0/200, Or sacrifice 20 Military Support

[][BO] Garrahan Mining Co.: Garrahan is one of the companies in the Appalachian area that still mostly use organic workers, rather than robotic ones. Thanks to this, they have the most public support out of any of the mining organizations in the region, even if that means little in today's world. While their current CEO, Vivian, is quite sure of both herself and her company, you have quite a bit of experience when it comes to hostile takeovers.
+ Acquired Technology: Excavator Power Armor
+ Effects: +1 Resources Dice. Gain access to Black Titanium.
+ Progress Needed: 0/200, Or sacrifice 20 Military Support

[][BO] Hornwright Industrial: Hornwright, alongside AMS, is your biggest customer in Virginia, having hired RobCo to construct a line of "Auto-Miners" that they want to use against their main competition in the region. While forcibly taking them over would be difficult, the Hornwrights have made many enemies of the years, enemies who'd love for someone like Mr. House to swoop in and take control of all of their assets.
+ Effects: +1 Resources Dice. Gain access to Black Titanium.
+ Progress Needed: 0/200, Or sacrifice 20 Military Support

[][BO] Atomic Mining Services: Ultracite is an amazing mineral, even if its origin is a mystery. This wonderful piece of "rock" acts as one of the best energy cores for anything, even Power Armor. AMS is so sure of its power, that they think it will allow them to completely replace Mass Fusion as the main supplier of "clean energy" in the country. While you have too many contracts with Mass Fusion to switch everything to Ultracite, at least before the apocalypse, it could finally give Liberty Prime the power source you've been looking for.
+ Effects: +1 Resources Dice. Gain access to Ultracite. Decreases the progress needed for Liberty Power Source JP. Increases Power resource.
+ Progress Needed: 0/300, Or sacrifice 30 Military Support

[][BO] Cerulean Robotics: Cerulean Robotics is not an important company in the grand scheme of things, but it is a local business that solely exists to repair the robots RobCo makes. Buying it out now would increase your capabilities to repair your Protectrons after the rest of the country becomes an irradiated wasteland.
+ Effects: +5 to Robotics Dice.
+ Progress Needed: 0/50, Or sacrifice 5 Military Support

[][BO] Calico Light Weapons Systems: Calico is a company that's moved its headquarters a few times since its founding in 1985, and now it somehow ended up in California. Its Calico pistols, rifles, and even new shotgun lines may not be the most widespread in the country, but they do produce a lot of ammunition. While being bought out would disrupt their production a bit, Vegas' Police officers do need some newer weapons, especially if the recent unrest afflicting the country rises any higher.
+ Effects: +1 Security Dice. Access to modern Calico weapons.
+ Progress Needed: 0/100, Or sacrifice 10 Military Support

[][BO] Arkatos Pharma: Arkatos is an old partner of RobCo, being one of the companies drawn into project "Deep Sleep". It's also working on quite a few inventions and genetically altered plants that could be useful for Vegas once the bombs finally drop. Of course, unlike most of the other possible choices, Arkatos has the lawyers and draw out to draw out any hostile takeover. Still, you've always been one to take very precisely calculated gambles...
+ Technology Gained: Full control over Project Beanstalk, Project Paradise, and additional control over Project "Deep Sleep".
+ Effects: +2 Resources Dice.
+ Progress Needed: (0/500), Or sacrifice 50 Military Support

[][BO] Winchester Repeating Arms Company: One of the oldest gun-making groups to be founded in America, though they have been slowly but surely pushed into a more niche corner of the gun market thanks to the introduction of energy weapons.
+ Effects: +2 Security Dice. Access to modern Winchester weaponry.
+ Progress Needed: (0/400), Or sacrifice 40 Military Support

[][BO] Yuma Flats Energy Consortium: The YFEC is America's primary Pulse weapon manufacture. Which, thanks to the popularity of laser and plasma weapons, isn't as impressive as it first sounds. Still, pulse weapons are quite novel, and most people won't expect you to use a pulse rifle or pistol against them instead of anything else. And, who knows, maybe you can tinker with their technology enough to come up with something interesting.
+ Unlocked Technology: Yuma Pulse Rifle, Yuma Pulse Pistol, Chance of other Pulse-based weapons.
+ Effects: +1 Security Dice. Can research additional Pulse--based weapons.
+ Progress Needed: (0/250), Or sacrifice 25 Military Support

[][BO] Mass Fusion: Mass Fusion has, for years, getting away with lying to the public when they claimed to have created a completely clean power source. In truth, all of their creations before now have leaked small, barely noticeable really, bits of radiation into the surrounding area. It's only now, thanks to years of research, that they've finally created something that true is clean and incredibly powerful, a battery called the "Beryllium Agitator". Though, it seems this new invention has resulted in a massive shakeup, as not only is Poseidon Energy trying to buy out the company, but one of the device's creators has been "let go" from the company and forced to sign an agreement that he won't go work for a competitor. It's thanks to these facts that you can even attempt to take over the company.
+ Unlocked Technology: "Beryllium Agitator".
+ Effects: Decreases the progress needed for Liberty Power Source JP. Increases Power Resource.
+ Progress Needed: (0/350), Or sacrifice 35 Military Support

[][BO] Virtual Strategic Solutions: VSS is the army's main supplier of VR training simulations, with General Chase having ordered the creation of an Anchorage Sim almost immediately once the battle in Alaska ended. While Vegas' main defenders shall always be made of metal, keeping a small standing army that can go toe to toe with the current U.S. Army, though they should hopefully never actually have to prove that, wouldn't be your worst idea.
+ Unlocked Technology: Virtual Reality Training Chambers.
+ Effects: Can upgrade the quality of your organic forces faster than most other factions.
+ Progress Needed: (0/250), Or sacrifice 25 Military Support.

(You may, also, if you wish, "spend" some of the support you have in the upper echelons of the Army and U.S. Government to assist you in your hostile takeovers. Though, you cannot drop below 50 Military Support without consequences.)

[][MS] Sacrifice Military Support:
-[] Write-In what businesses you want your allies to help you with. You should not drop below 50 MS if you want a semi-smooth ride.

Free Dice: +2

Military Support: 95

Vegas Unrest: 50

- Industrial: +8
- Construction: +7
- Robotics: +8
- Chemicals:+4
- Security: +5
- Resources. +3
- Public Relations: +6
- Research: +6
- Admin: +4

Dice Bonuses:
- Industrial: +10
- Construction: +5
- Robotics: +24
- Chemicals: +8
- Security: +6
- Resources: +0
- Public Relations: +8
- Research: +5
- Admin: +6

Current Resources:
- Power: + 25
- Food: + 15
- Water: + 10
- Luxury Items: +25
- Materials: +10
- Medical Supplies/Infrastructure: +10
- Anti-Missile Defense Leve: +60 (Estmated Required, +70/+80)

Predicted Resource Degradation:
- Power: + 5
- Food: - 15
- Water: - 10
- Luxury Items: - 20
- Materials: - 5
- Medical Supplies/Infrastructure: - 20

Las Vegas Security:
- Organic Security Force
-- RobCo Security Forces: +2 (-1)
- PA Security Force:
-- N/A
- Light Robots:
-- Eyebots, Mass-Pro: +3 (+1)
-- Flying Eye Bot: +1 (+1)
-- Mr Handies: +2 (+2)
- Medium Robots:
-- Protectrons: +1 (+3)
-- Securitrons: +3 (+3)
- Heavy Robots:
-- Sentry Bots, Late: +1 (+4)
- Artillery:
-- N/A
- Air Force:
-- N/A

(All Advisor Bonuses Are Pre-Applied)

Xuan Duong: Lead engineer at REPCONN
- Engineering Master: +3 Research Dice
- Stolen Project SEMELE Plans: +5 to rolls involving Plasma Weapons.

Carl Rook: Former RobCo Security, Current Vice President of REPCONN
- Security Expert: +2 Security Dice

H. Karrol: Head of Public Relations
- PR Skills: +2 Public Relations Dice.

Lisa M. Fields: Director of Staff Insight and Morale
- Burying The Truth: Decreases the effects of Nat 1s.
- Skilled Administrator: +2 Admin Dice.

Lucas Nash: VP Of Sales
- Sales Expert: +5 to Public Relationship Dice

Jeanette Higgins: Lead developer of the Assaultron, Chief Robotics Technician
- Robotics Engineer: +7 to Robotics dice.

C. F. Gainsborough: Head Programmer
- Programming Skill: +1 Robotics Dice, +2 to Robotics Dice.

Dr. Edward Gray: Senior Engineer
- Skilled At Robots: +1 Robotics Dice

Mark Kurchfield: General Manager Of Sales & Service Center
- Skilled At Sales: +1 Public Relations Dice.

Robert Mayflower: Stealth Boy Creator
- Stealth Boy 3001: Allows additional research and production of Stealth Boys.
- Innovative: +2 Research Dice.

Dr. Clara Song: Reward-winning author and scientist.
- Clara's Song: +2 Robots Dice, +7 to Robotics Dice.

- +1 Free Dice,
- +5 to Research Dice

Abraxodyne Chemical:
- +2 Chemical Dice
- +5 to Chemical Dice

Eyebot Line: A spherical, floating robot that's quite moddable.
- Proto-Eye: The original Eye Bot design, the larger antenna lets it intercept radio signals. (Quality: +0/Non-Combat)
- Floating Eye: A security Eyebot, armed with a taser. It only had a limited production run on the West Coast. (Quality: +1)
- Mass-Pro: The main Eye Bot model, armed with a laser. Weak armour. (Quality: +1)
- Repair: An Eye Bot meant for repairing important facilities. (Quality: 0/Non-Combat, Maintains Structures, Can Repair Robotic Forces)
- Medical: A Eye Bot meant to heal wounded soldiers. (Quality: 0/Non-Combat, Heals Humans, Decreases Organic Casualties)

Sentry Bot: While many of my designs are perfectly capable of fighting off most rioters, for the heavily armed assailants something more devastating is required.
- Bipedal Sentry: An older version of the Sentry Bot, standing two meters tall, and highly inefficient. No longer produced. (Quality: +3)
- Early "Roller": The first step up about the original bipedal model, this monster of a machine has decent enough armour and can have a varied amount of built-in weapons. (Quality: +4)
- Late "Roller": The newest Sentry Bot model, with heavier armour, weapons, and a quicker reaction and turning time. (Quality: +6)
- Annihilator Sentry Bot Mk.II: The newest variant of the Sentry Bot, far larger than it's wheeled predecessors, matching the original bipedal design in pure height.

PDQ-88b Securitron: My favorite design, and one I plan on using quite extensively once the bombs drop. I just need the Platinum Chip, and they'll be able to finally use their Mark II equipment...
- Mark I: The main, and publically known about, version of the Securitrons. (Quality: +4)

Automated Turret: Automated turrets. What else is there to say?
- "Ground" Turrets: Ballistic, A.I. controlled turrets. What else is there to say? (Quality: +2)
- "Ceiling" Turrets: Laser turrets mounted to the ceiling. (Quality: +2)

Assaultron: I'm still a bit unsure why assaultrons have a more... "feminine" frame than other robotic models, but it certainly doesn't disrupt it's lethality.
- Mass-Pro: The main model of Assaultron produced, and have shown their worth to the military on many occasions. (+3 Quality)
- Invaders: Not only does the Invader variant have better armor, it also comes equipped with electrified hands, allowing it to stun or electrocute any of it's foes once they get close. (+4 Quality)
- Dominators: Meant as a battlefield assassin, the Dominator sneaks up on it's pretty before finishing them off its with sword hands. (+4 Quality)
- Intimidators: The age of melee weapons has long since passed, and this model is meant to personify that. While the other models have hands, claws, or blades so they can attack enemies that get to close, the dual tri-barreled miniguns ensure that no one can get close to them. (+5 Quality)

Protectron: Is there anything more recognizable from Roboco. than the Protectron? Sadly, no. (Unless otherwise stated, all Protecteon variants are of +1 Quality.)
- Mass-Pro: The basic, combat capable, Potectron.
- Constructrons: Protectrons meant for constructing buildings.
- Protect-O-Bot: A Protectron controlled car. Declared unsafe to drive by the authorities.
- Factory: A Protectron meant for factory work.
- Lumberjack: A Protectron meant for chopping down trees. They all believe that if they fail to impress their bosses they will be replaced with "cheap human labor". I am still unsure why that was programmed into them, as it's a waste of programming.
- Medic: A Protectron programmed to be a... passable medic.
- Chef: A Protectron programmed to know how to cook.
- Auto-Miner: An advanced mining bot using the Protectron frame.
- Police: A Protectron meant for policing duties.
- Watcher: A testbed designed, meant to experiment with the treads meant for the Robobrains.
- Utility: A simply Protectron meant for light repair orders.
- Fire Service: A Protectron meant to put out fires.

Mr. Line: Originally created by GAI, the Mr. Handy has long since become a staple of Robco. as well, with many rightfully viewing the modern version as being primarily made by my company.
- Mr. Handy (Early): Calling this "confusing abomination" a mess would far too kind. (+0 Quality)
- Mr. Handy (Late): The much improved and far superior Roboco. design. (+1 Qaulity)
- Mr. Frothy: ... It makes me money that I can use for the rest of my plans, and that's what matters here. (+1 Quality)
- Mr. Farmhand: While Protectrons aren't fit for farming, the many arms of the Mr. Line are. (+1 Quality)


A/N: Welcome to "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire", a spiritual successor to Granite 's Mr. House quest.

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