Industry Events – Canadian Mining Magazine (2022)

Mining Transformed

Sudbury, Ontario

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Industry Events – Canadian Mining Magazine (1)Experience the world’s first underground mining technology exhibition at the NORCAT Underground Centre, a state-of-the-art operating mine located in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Mining Transformed 2022 provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to connect underground amongst lie demonstrations of emerging technologies that are poised to transform the global mining industry.

The World’s International Pipeline Expo

Calgary, Alberta

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The International Pipeline Exposition is the premier pipeline event in the world. Together with the world-class International Pipeline Conference, hosted bytheAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), the event attracts over 7,500 pipeline experts from around the globe.

XPLOR 2022

Montreal, Quebec

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Industry Events – Canadian Mining Magazine (2)The Xplor convention is multiplying business relationships and investment opportunities discovering the latest knowledge and cutting-edge technologies multiplying our ability for mineral exploration on a bigger scale. Together, we are the perfect equation, the X Factor.

Exploration, Mining, and Petroleum Conference, New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick

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The New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development invites you to participate in the 47thannual Exploration, Mining and Petroleum conference being held at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton. Keep your calendar open for this great opportunity to network with representatives from the mineral industry (consultants, exploration geoscientists, producers, service companies, and prospectors), university, and government personnel (municipal, provincial, federal).

Net•Zero Conference & Expo

Calgary, Alberta

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The goal of Net•Zero Conference & Expo is to grow Canada’s economic prosperity, while working towards carbon neutrality by 2050 (net zero 2050). In order to greatly reduce carbon emissions, almost every government and industry has a role to play; and to do it without harming Canada’s economic prosperity may be the largest challenge of them all. Net•Zero brings together leading experts and organizations from around the world and from multiple sectors to showcase technology, innovation and thought leadership to provide a road map for the country to follow over the next 30 years.

Mining Investment (Hybrid) North America

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Toronto, Ontario

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Join the event in Toronto or connect via their digital platform from anywhere in the world to experiencethe premier Americaresources forum for the global mining community. Now in its’ 4th year, Mining Investment North America is firmly established asboutique strategic mining investment and capital raising conference and exhibition. Besides mining trends and finance approach, the event also incorporates the latesttechnological innovationsthat are transforming the industry and the event has addedcritical mineralsandhydrogen, which are playing a crucial role in theglobal energy market’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

Québec Mines & Énergie

Québec Mines + Énergy is an event of synergy and exchange of scientific knowledge related to the mining and energy sectors. Its high-calibre program includes training, conferences, and networking opportunities intended to enrich your knowledge. The pooling of different types of expertise increases opportunities for new avenues.

AME Roundup 2023

To Be Announced

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AME Roundup 2023 will bring together geoscientists, prospectors, investors, suppliers, and First Nation partners who are dedicated to mineral exploration and development in Canada. AME Roundup 2023 will cover topics such as: geophysics for geologists; marketing and communications in the modern mining world; rare earth and critical elements in ore deposits; and gold deposit models, targeting and exploration.

PDAC 2023

Toronto, Ontario

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The annual PDAC 2023 Convention – the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining event – will be held in person in 2023. The PDAC Convention in downtown Toronto is widely considered the “Super Bowl” of the mineral exploration and mining community. The PDAC Convention is unmatched in its ability to connect participants to the international mining and exploration community, and keep them informed of the latest trends and technologies shaping the sector through extensive programming. Over the past decade alone, this must-attend event has brought together upwards of 30,000 attendees from over 130+ countries annually to network, conduct business, and learn.

Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

Regina, Saskatchewan

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Just announced! Williston Basin Petroleum Conference will take place May 16-17, 2023 in Regina, Saskatchewan. The conference will showcase technical innovations centred around emissions reduction, CO2 sequestration, enhanced EOR, helium, hydrogen, geothermal, as well as advancements in heavy oil, light and tight oil, advanced energy systems and advanced technologies. The Williston Basin Conference also focuses strongly on all the sources of energy in the earth – from the potential for geothermal from reservoirs in Canada and the US, to the burgeoning lithium extraction industry in Saskatchewan, to CO2 storage to help mitigate emissions in oil and gas, and finally to identifying and exploiting other subsurface commodities like helium and hydrogen.

CIM 2023 Convention + Expo

The CIM Convention + Expo will inspire you to ask the key questions; help you explore the dynamic balance between maximum efficiency and innovation; and lead you to find connections within complex relationships. Over the course of this four-day event, you will meet thought-provoking keynote speakers, take part in lively panel discussions, short courses, and field trips and walk away with the tools, the confidence, and the imagination to shape what’s next.

Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition & Conference

Vancouver, British Columbia

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The 9th edition of Canada Gas & LNG Exhibition and Conference (CGLNG) continues to grow in-step with the industry. As the only event of its kind, CGLNG is able to adapt and reflect the expansions taking place within the market such as the recent FID on LNG Canada and bring the full value chain together: from producers, pipeline players and LNG projects, through to transportation companies, petrochemical players and power producers from the length of Canada and the rest of the world.

The Global Energy Show

Calgary, Alberta

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Hosted onJune 13-15, 2023,the Global Energy Show will be inclusive to all energy systems, including features on the exhibition floor and conference in oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, gas and LNG, electrification and nuclear. As no single source of energy can meet the increased global energy demand, the Global Energy Show is where Canada demonstrates its vision and leadership by bringing the right people together to meet global challenges with real-world solutions. Together at the Global Energy Show in 2023, energy professionals will come together to lead the path of meeting energy demand, discussing energy transition, showcasing technology and innovation, and discovering the role of all energy sources in the greater energy system.

PetroChem Canada

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PetroChem Canada brings together the petrochemical, chemical, and emerging biochemical manufacturers together with their supply chain, academia, R&D, and multiple levels of government to discuss the challenges of developing Canada’s downstream sector and explore the unique opportunities in front of us. Developing Canada’s downstream sector is key to maximizing the value of our natural resources, except this is not a straightforward mission. Industry faces numerous challenges including intensifying environmental regulations, aggressive net zero targets, increasing global competition, feedstock volatility, as well as the significant investments required to modernize plant operations.

COM 2023 (MetSoc Annual Conference of Metallurgists)

COM 2023 will offer networking sessions, curated plenaries, invited speakers, technology-in-progress discussions, and workshops. Presentations will cover advanced manufacturing and materials; pressure hydrometallurgy; the characterization and concentration of critical mineralsfrom primary and secondary resources; toward sustainable pyrometallurgical processes; integration for better outcomes; and light metal in transportation – next generation mobil. Learn more about the sessions online.


What are Canada's five major mining products? ›

Canada's top five mineral products by value in 2021 were gold ($13.7 billion), coal ($8.0 billion), iron ore concentrates ($6.5 billion), potash ($4.8 billion) and copper ($4.5 billion). Their combined value of $37.5 billion accounted for about two-thirds of the total value of mineral production.

Are 75% of mining companies Canadian? ›

Canada is home to almost half of the world's publicly listed mining and mineral exploration companies 1. Many companies active within Canada also have sizeable operations abroad.

Is the Canadian mining industry growing? ›

The 2020 value of Canadian mineral production was $43.9 billion, 8.1% lower than the 2019 value of $47.7 billion. Metals' value of production decreased slightly by 1.4% from the previous year, while non-metals and coal declined 13.4% and 29.6%, respectively.

What is the mining industry in Canada? ›

In 2019, Canada was the 4th largest producer of platinum; the world's 5th largest producer of gold; the world's 5th largest producer of nickel; the world's 10th largest producer of copper; the 8th largest world producer of iron ore; the 4th largest world producer of titanium; the world's largest producer of potash; the ...


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