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New to the Star Trek Fleet Command? Understand all of its aspects with this Star Trek Fleet Command guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Star Trek Fleet Command guide and tips: –

This Star Trek Fleet Command covers “how to play” basics, about the ships, buildings, upgrades, and other things such as attacking, mining, parts, blueprints, and more. So, let’s get straight to the Star Trek Fleet Command guide and tips: –

  • Get Started Guide
  • Ships and Drydock
  • Swapping Ships
  • Relocating
  • Build Ships
  • How to get blueprints
  • Upgrade ships
  • How do I get parts
  • Claim the chests
  • Ships Guide
  • Missions Guide
  • Attacking Guide
  • Mining Guide
  • Tips
  • Resources Map

Getting Started With Star Trek Fleet Command Basics

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (1)⇒One of the main in-game currency in Star Trek Fleet Command game is Latinum. You can use this currency to build, upgrade, and research instantly. The game will give you this in-game currency as a reward upon leveling up or from other events(daily goals, missions). Since it’s a premium in-game currency, it’s hard to get. If you are a f2p player, then you should spend it wisely.

⇒Your objective in this game is to increase the home-station power. You can check the power at the top-left corner on the home station screen(interior). To increase the power, you will build, upgrade the buildings at home station, discover new technologies in the R & D Department and by upgrading the ships, officer, drydock. In all these upgrades, you will need a lot of resources; Parsteel, Tritanium, Dilithium, and more.

⇒The player produces these resources at home-station. The main building at the home-station is Operations – Command Center. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings, upgrades, features, and much more. The maximum level of this building is 50 and at each level, you get the weapon damage bonus.

Get To Know About Station

Your station is in the galaxy, in a random system. You can relocate it to one of the station hub’s slots. Relocating is like teleporting the base from one system to another, from a station’s hub to another station’s hub. It will cost you a relocation token. You get this item for free when you start the game. Since you have only one(you can get more relocation tokens from the free chests/daily), use it wisely. To relocate, go to the galaxy screen -> choose a system -> enter system/view -> tap a planet -> relocate. Let’s learn step-by-step:

Guide To Ships And Drydocks In Star Trek Fleet Command

At the beginning of the game, you have two drydocks(Drydock A and Drydock B) in your fleet; so you can only assign up to two ships(Ship A and Ship B) in the fleet. If you want to assign more ships, you will have to build drydock. At the bottom of the screen, tap the locked; Drydock C option -> locate -> complete the requirements to build.

Assigning The Ship To A Drydock

To assign a ship to drydock, tap the + button at the bottom of the screen -> assign ship -> select a ship to assign.

Learn To Swap The Ships

If you have already assigned the ship to available slots and want to change, then swap that ship. Tap the ship at the bottom of the screen -> manage -> on the left side of the screen, you will see the option “swap ship”. Tap it and choose a ship. Note – You must recall the ship to the home station and repair it. Otherwise, you would not see the swap button.

Guide To Manufacturing Ships In Star Trek Fleet Command

Having multiple ships in the fleet helps you a lot. You can send one ship to mine resources in the system, another ship to attack ship/station. The game gives you one ship for free when you start the game. After it, you will have to build the ships.

(Video) 5 Tips/Things Everyone Should Know & Do in Star Trek Fleet Command | For Beginners & Veterans

Head to the home station(interior)/base -> tap the ships option at the top-left. There you can check the list of ships featured in Star Tree Fleet Command. Tap the build button to start the construction process.

Prerequisite: – Prior to the construction, the player has to unlock the ship. You can unlock some ships by acquiring the blueprints or some ships are unlocked by researching in the R & D department. How to get blueprints? Destroy the high-level hostiles in the systems to obtain blueprints.

Upgrade Ships In Star Trek Fleet Command

First, make sure to recall it to the base. After it, tap the ship at the bottom of the screen. Head to the manage menu -> upgrade. All the ships in Star Trek Fleet Command game have different stats. As you progress in the game, you will battle against high-level hostiles, ships, and players’ base. So it’s important to increase the strength of ships. Tap the upgrade button -> level up.

To level up the ship, you need Ship XP. Ship XP can be obtained from the missions, daily goals, events. Ships can also earn EXP from the battles or other tasks(mining). For example; if it’s a war-ship, then battle hostiles to grant it EXP. If it’s a mining type ship, then send it to mine resources. Sometimes, the game grants EXP.


On the same screen, tap the + button -> upgrade. You can obtain parts for the ships; explorer, battleship, interceptor and more by destroying the hostiles.

Getting Parts In Star Trek Fleet Command

As you progress through the game or level up, things will change. You will need to power-up the ships to dominate in the PvP mode or keep the station safe. To tier up or increase the level cap of a ship, you need parts; explorer parts, battleship parts, interceptor parts. These parts come in various grades, for example; 3-star interceptor parts, 2-star interceptor parts, 1-star battleship parts, 2-star explorer parts.

You can get these parts from the PvE chests or mega chests. All you need to do is destroy the hostiles in systems. For 2-star parts, we would recommend you to defeat level 10-20 hostiles. For 3-star parts, we would recommend you to defeat level 21+ hostiles.

Guide To Star Trek Fleet Command Hostiles And Rewards

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (2)High-level hostiles can be found in high-level systems. For example for level +21 hostiles, search in level 21+ systems. Sometimes you get the chest while sometimes not. To check the battle report or chest, tap the inbox button at the bottom-left corner -> here you can see the battle reports. There would be a chest icon next to a battle report if you have won the chest. Tap the battle report -> tap the rewards box -> claim the chest. From these chests, you can obtain blueprints, parts(interceptor, battleship, explorer). Defeat high-level hostiles to get better rewards.

Tier Up The Ships

Once you install all the parts in a ship, you will be able to increase the tier level, which, increases the level cap and stats of that ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command Ships Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (3)⇒The ships in Star Trek Fleet Command are of four types; survey ships, interceptor ships, battleships, and explorers. Except for the survey ships, interceptor ships/battleships/explorers are good for combat. The survey ships are good for mining. So for the combat(PvE, PvP), send interceptor/battleships/explorers. And, to mine resources in the systems, send survey ships.

⇒To check the ship type, tap the ship on drydock slot -> near the strength stats, the icon displays the ship type.

Check Out The Missions In Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (4)In some missions, the game does not guide you to the checkpoint. You will have to figure out manually. If you tap the quest box, it will show you a hint. We don’t have a full missions list yet.

Mission(1)⇒All the devils are here. Travel to the dangerous Briar Patch System of Jinnia. Collect 2 Cargo Crates.

In this mission, you need to collect 2 cargo crates and hand over to the officer. You get these cargo crates by completing the planetary missions. All you need to do is visit one of these systems; Jinna, Eral, Dyrr. There you will see a planet with (i) mark. Tap it and accept the missions. Complete these planetary missions to get cargo crates.

How To Get Dilithium In Star Trek Fleet Command?

At the start of the game, you produce Parsteel and Tritanium. To start the production of Dilithium, you will have to build the Dilithium Generator, which unlocks at Operations level 10. Prior to it, you can obtain it by completing the missions, quests, events, and from the free chests. Or mine it. Also, see – Dilithium Mining locations

Dilithium is needed to research technologies in the R & D Department.

Star Trek Fleet Command Officers Guide

You can assign up to three officers(Bridge only) in a ship. All the officers featured in Star Trek Fleet Command have unique abilities and provide a variety of buffs/boosts to the ship.

NOTE – As you level up the ship, you will be able to assign more than three officers.

Ship -> manage -> assign officers.

On the same screen, on the right side, you can check the crew stats and bonus. Tap the(i) button to get more details.

How To Get Officers In Star Trek Fleet Command Game?

To recruit an officer, you need recruitment tokens. You get theserecruitment tokens from the crates/chests, events, by completing the missions, quests, and from the store.

If you have, then head to the recruit menu by tapping the officers button on the top-left. There are a number of ways to recruit the commanders: –

  1. Standard Recruit – Consumes normal recruitment ticket, rewards common(90% chances) and uncommon officer shards(10% chances).
  2. Premium Recruit – Consumes premium recruit token. Drop rates – Uncommon(70%), Rare(25%), Epic(5.0%)
  3. Ultra Recruit – Consumes ultra recruit tokens. Drop Rates – Rare(50%), Epic(50%)
  4. Federation Recruit – Uncommon(40%), Rare(40%), Epic(20%).
  5. Klingon Recruit – Consumes Klingon Recruit Token. Drop Rate – Uncommon(40%), Rare(40%), Epic(20%)
  6. Romulan Recruit – Consumes Romulan Recruit Token. Drop Rate – Uncommon(40%), Rare(40%), Epic(20%)

Promoting and Upgrading Officers!

Head to the officer menu -> tap the officer. There you can level up the officer using officer XP. When you recruit, you also get officer XP as the reward or obtain from the quests, missions.

Promoting -> Promoting increases the level cap of the officer. To promote an officer, you need shards. Obtain shards from recruitment chests.

Attacking Guide For Newbies

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (5)You can attack ships as well as stations. But in the early game, you have only one option; hostiles. Reach the level 15 to become eligible to attack other player’s station. You can loot resources by invading enemies’ base.

Additionally, after reaching level 10, you will be able to invade enemy ships roaming in the system. Where you can find other players’ base? Around the station hub. Tap the player’s station -> scan or attack. Blue ones are enemies, purple ones are alliance members, and green denotes your station.

Mining Guide For Beginners In Star Trek Fleet Command

⇒There are lots of resources you can mine from the galaxy systems; crystal, ore, gas, dilithium, tritanium. You can check the list/locationshere. It would be better to send a mining/survey ship to mine the resources. All these mining ships have the ability to mine a particular resource quickly. You can check the ship’s ability in the manage view.

⇒Players can attack a mining ship anytime. Let’s learn with an example; your ship is mining tritanium in X system. And, the enemy ship arrives and destroys your ship. In this case, you may lose the resources(Cargo). All the ships in Star Trek Fleet Command have a unique utility ability; protected cargo. Go to the ship manage view -> go to the details tab -> here you can see the protected cargo amount. For example; it’s 500. The enemy can not steal this certain amount of cargo from your ship.

Exploring Guide For Rookies

  1. On the galaxy screen, you will see Systems. You can explore in the Systems. By exploring, we mean; attack the stations, destroy the hostiles, mine the resources.
  2. To view a system, you will have to set course first. Go to the galaxy screen -> tap on any system -> set course. Once done, you will be able to view that system.
  3. Once you are done, send the ship in that system and start exploring.
  4. Recall it to home once you are done exploring.

This function is similar to the Nova Empire game.

Star Trek Fleet Command Resources Map

You can see the map here. Credit – DanPMK.

So that’s all for now as Star Trek Fleet Command guide. We’ll update this post with Factions guide soon. Let’s read our top Star Trek Fleet Command tips, cheats & strategies!

Mine The Resources In Systems, But Wisely

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (6)⇒If you explore a bit in the System, you will find mining nodes. There you can mine the resources. And it takes hours. Before you leave the game, send one of your ships to these resources for gathering. You can mine Tritanium in high level systems (check the picture in comments below). For the complete list and locations, check this post.

⇒It would be a good idea to mine in less-crowded systems, because the enemy can raid anytime. Additionally, use the survey ships to mine the resources.

Build Duplicates, But For Mining

The Star Trek Fleet Command lets the player build duplicate ships. For example; if you already have one Phindra, you can build one more. We would recommend you to build duplicate survey/mining ships rather than the combat ships. For example; Envoy, Fortunate. This will help you in farming resources. Always keep in mind that there are limited ship inventory slots. Since you can not dismantle or delete the ships, don’t build duplicates of weak and combat ships. If you reach the maximum limit, you will have to upgrade the ship hanger.

Participate In The Limited-Time Events

On the right side of the game’s screen, tap the events option and check out all the on-going events. From these events, you can earn rewards; resources, recruit tokens, ultra recruit tokens, and much more. Tap on any event and under the how to earn points section, you can check how to earn points. Earn more than other players for better rewards.

Increase The Overall Power

Increase the power by upgrading and building facilities at your base. Level up ships, equip parts, and tier up. Upgrade drydocks. Level up officers, promote officers. Research in the R & Department for additional buffs.

Keep Hunting The Hostiles

Destroy the hostiles to farm Ship EXP, parts, and other items.

Get Free Benefits By Joining An Alliance

Join an alliance and participate in the alliance events for alliance credits, items, resources. Additionally, you can ask for help to speed up building upgrades, construction.

Complete The Missions, Daily Goals

The player can obtain latinum, loads of resources, recruitment tokens by completing all the daily goals. Additionally, complete the missions for better rewards; Ship XP, speed-ups, and more.

Pay Attention To The Ship Types

Star Trek Fleet Command guide: tips, cheats & strategies - MrGuider (7)As mentioned above, there are four types of ships in Star Trek Fleet Command. Mining or survey ships are not good for combat. But interceptors, explorers, and battleships are good for combat. Before you attack an enemy ship, check the ship type and choose the right type of ship for the attack. Interceptors > Battleships. Battleship > Explorer. Explorer > Interceptor. For example; if the enemy is using explorer, send the battleship element ship.

So these are the top briefly explained Star Trek Fleet Command tips, cheats & strategy. Also, see –

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In short, there are three things you need to do to get a higher combat power on the ship management screen: Fill and upgrade all equipment slots, Increase the Tier levels of the ships, Increase the standard levels of the ships.

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