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The 7 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks (2022 Reviews) | Fortunly (1)

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I. Mitic


August 12,2022

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With cryptocurrency and blockchain technology revolutionizing the way we make transactions with decentralized systems, privacy, and low fees, it’s understandable that financial institutions such as banks are expanding their services.

The continuous growth of the crypto industry has led to banks integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their core services and expanding their offer to include them.

We will analyze what some of the best crypto-friendly banks have in store for their users and how this modern technology improved how they operate.

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Branches: MA, NH

Savings APY: Up to 0.50%

Monthly fees: from $0 to $5,000 for businesses

Insured: FDIC, DIF



Products Offered

  • USD accounts for crypto companies
  • Bitcoin and Ether backed lending
  • API banking

BankProv (formerly named The Provident Bank) is an example of a US financial institution with 200 years of history at the forefront of implementing new technologies to improve its offer for clients. Besides lending, businesses banking, cash management, and personal banking, cryptocurrency is one of the primary services available at BankProv.

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This modern bank implements API banking, ProvXchange network, and specialty lending. With ProvXchange, BankProv clients can make real-time transactions between themselves 24/7. The best banks for cryptocurrency integrate application programming interface (API), and the same goes with BankProv. You can interact with the bank with your platform or software solutions and streamline processes.

BankProv offers crypto-backed lending and lines of credit for organizations that are backed by Ether or Bitcoin. The bank also issues equipment and infrastructure loans for crypto mining operations, perfect for anyone looking to increase their mining gains. Anyone looking for such a loan will not have to liquidate their crypto position, instead just use it as collateral.

Bitcoin ATM operators can get access to secure cash vault services, faster money transfers, and other benefits that businesses in the crypto space have at BankProv.

Lending, personal and business checking accounts, savings account, online and mobile banking, warehouse lending, fully insured USD deposits


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Key Facts


Products Offered

  • Earn up to 6% on interest on savings in USDC
  • Two types of checking accounts
  • Convert your paycheck into crypto

Founded in 2019, Juno (formerly OnJuno) is a digital banking platform providing clients with hybrid accounts for managing cash and cryptocurrencies. Although it is not exactly a bank, but the fintech company, Juno definitely deserves to be on our list of the best banks for cryptocurrency investments due to its excellent services.

The company’s main goal is to enable transparent banking services to all clients.

With Juno, you can buy cryptocurrencies without paying any fees. Juno allows you to buy many popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon USDC, and others.

Juno offers two types of checking accounts - Basic and Metal. The Basic account is free and offers a 1.20% yearly bonus on deposits, applicable on balances up to $5,000. On the other hand, the Metal checking account is free with qualifying monthly deposits of $250, while the yearly bonus rate of 1.20% applies on balances up to $50,000.

According to Juno reviews, Juno’s main selling point is the bonus rewards. You can earn a 5% cashback on all card spending and crypto payments. Another great thing regarding cryptocurrencies is that you can earn up to 4% interest on USDC, which you can withdraw at any time you want.

Juno accounts come with free cash withdrawals if you use in-house ATMs. Luckily, there are over 85.000 Allpoint and MoneyPass® ATMs around, so you don’t need to worry about finding one near you. Additionally, you’ll get one free out-of-network withdrawal per month with the Basic account and three with the Metal checking account.

When it comes to Juno mobile banking, both iOS and Android apps are available. Juno is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. In addition to contactless mobile payments, Juno supports other payment methods, including debit cards.

Another great feature you’ll enjoy with Juno is the option to convert your paycheck into crypto. You can use this service automatically by connecting your direct deposit with Juno. Over 500 payroll providers collaborate with Juno, like Gusto and Zenefits, so you don’t need to worry about it. You can set up how much of your paycheck you want to get in crypto. The minimum you can start with is $100.

Checking accounts, transfers from fiat currencies to cryptos, cash back on crypto spending


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Branches: None (online bank)

Savings APY: Up to 16%

Monthly fees: None

Insured: FCA




  • For the UK and Europe region
  • Includes a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies
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Wirex is a banking service with crypto-friendly services where you can open an account that supports fiat currencies and crypto. With Wirex, you can manage multiple cryptocurrencies and get access to fiat payments through a Visa card. Wirex is currently available in 130 countries and has more than 3.5 million people across the world using it.

Wirex is in the ranks of the best crypto-friendly banks in the industry and has an exciting offer for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. After a straightforward process of opening the account, you get access to saving interest rates of 6% for ETH, BTC, LTC, and others. If you decide to save in ISD, AUD, HKD, or DAI, you’ll enjoy a 12% interest rate. However, if you decide to earn interest in WXT, you’ll get an additional 4%.

WXT is developed on Ethereum’s and Stellar’s blockchain, providing excellent performance and flexibility for the token in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. WXT also serves as a reward for Wirex users as they can earn up to 4% of WXT back each time they use their card in a store or online. With the multicurrency card, you can pay like a local anywhere abroad, and you’ll save up to 3% on transactions abroad. Wirex converts to local currency when you make payments with no exchange fees.

Wirex isn’t just a Bitcoin bank. It has a wallet app that supports more than 100 coins. It also has support for DeFi, and you can also access NFTs.

Savings account, cryptocurrency exchange, traveling perks, cryptocurrency transfers, software wallet


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Branches: None (online bank)

Savings APY: From 0.05% to 0.07%

Monthly fees: From $0 to $16.99 per month

Insured: FDIC




  • Access stocks, crypto, and your checking account from one app
  • Make payments with a card or phone
  • Budgeting and analytics

Revolut is a company with more than 18 million personal and 500,000 business users. It’s one of the best crypto-friendly banks in the market, especially since you can buy cryptocurrencies directly through the app.

With Revolut’s mobile app, you get access to more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether(ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL), and many more. The company plans to expand this list as it adds support for other cryptocurrencies. What's even more important for cryptocurrency investors is that digital assets are held in cold storage with trusted custodians. Therefore, there is no need to worry if your private keys will be exploited by a malicious party.

The company offers stock trading without commission and trading in commodities besides cryptocurrencies.

Revolut came to the US market in 2020 after having great success in Europe. It joins the ranks of crypto banks in the USA that are FDIC insured up to $250,000 with Revolut’s partner Metropolitan Commercial Bank. However, you need to remember that FDIC insurance doesn’t cover cryptocurrencies, investments, and commodities.

Checking and savings accounts, budgeting, analytics, travel perks, cryptocurrency exchange, stocks, commodities

Ally Bank

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Ally Bank

Branches: None (online bank)

Savings APY: 0.55%

Monthly fees: None

Insured: FDIC




  • Online bank with Coinbase integration
  • Stock investments without commission fees
  • US only

Crypto-friendly banks in the United States don’t necessarily need to have direct ways of buying crypto assets. Instead, make it easier for you to interact with financial organizations that provide such services.

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Ally Bank currently doesn’t support direct trading with cryptocurrencies, but it leaves the option for you to invest in the industry. You can invest through Ally Bank in funds that own crypto, such as Orsprey Bitcoin Trust (OBTV) and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), or those that own crypto futures like ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO).

The most interesting for crypto investors is that you can link your Ally Bank debit card or credit card to your Coinbase and buy tokens and coins. Another benefit is that the integration is straightforward, and there are no hidden steps.

Furthermore, there are other important factors why Ally Bank is on our Coinbase friendly banks list is that it’s an online bank that’s operational 24/7, with easy-to-reach customer support, and a network of ATMs across the US. As an exclusively online US bank, it’s regulated by the full extent of the law.

Ally Bank also has an excellent online platform for trading stocks, ETFs, options, bonds, and mutual funds without commission.

Checking and savings accounts, CDs, home loans, mortgage refinance, self-directed trading


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Branches: AZ, CO, TX, FL, VA, MD, NY

Savings APY: From 0.05% to 0.35%

Monthly fees: None

Insured: FDIC




  • Fortune 500 company
  • Coinbase integration
  • Full range of banking services, including investing and insurance

USAA or United Services Automobile Association is a well-known Fortune 500 bank that’s based in Texas. Besides providing banking services for active, retired, and honorably separated US military personnel, it’s also open for civilian clients. Furthermore, it’s a highly respected and established financial institution.

USAA is one of the best banks for crypto as it is one of the leading investors in Coinbase with more than $150 million. What does it mean for USAA clients that are also cryptocurrency investors? USAA account allows you to manage multiple accounts from other financial institutions. This also includes Coinbase, and you can check your total balance and monitor its cryptocurrency transactions, making it easy to stay on top of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Integrating your USAA debit and credit cards with Coinbase is simple, as are fiat currency transfers. Meaning that it’s straightforward to cash in your cryptocurrency profits and, if needed, make withdrawals from any of 60,000 ATMs across the country. Furthermore, USAA doesn’t charge monthly fees for its clients.

Bitcoin-friendly banks such as USAA offer access to other investment opportunities, and beginners looking for a stock brokerage can use Schwab’s services.

Checking and savings accounts, CDs, car loans, personal loans, home mortgages, mortgage refinancing, insurance, stock and mutual fund investing


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  • Online German bank
  • Bitcoin interest account
  • Not available in the US

Nuri, previously known as Bitwala, is a German-based bank that offers services for European Economic Area, the UK, Canada, and many other countries. Unfortunately, it’s not open for US customers.

Nuri is the best crypto bank for the European market, as you get the best of traditional banking, as you’ll get access to a German IBAN and a Visa debit card, which you can use to make payments almost anywhere.

(Video) The WORST Banks for Crypto!! Use These Instead!! ✅

With your account, you get a Bitcoin address that you can use to send BTC to anyone, and this includes your hardware wallet, unlike some banking services, where they have a more hands-on approach with your crypto and limit what you can do with them. Most often these banks require you to exchange them for fiat currency, before you can transfer them from your account.

If you are holding Bitcoin, there might be a better option for you with Nuri’s Bitcoin Interest Account. The bank is partnered with the Celsius Network, and to earn 5% interest for you, it uses assets to invest in crypto lending and credit markets. Interest payouts are weekly.

Banking on Bitcoin is straightforward with Nuri’s app for iPhone and Android devices. You can use the app to change BTC to Euros and spend them with the prepaid debit Visa card.

Checking account, Bitcoin savings account, insured deposits, fixed deposits

Evaluation Criteria

Our Methodology: What Makes a Bank Crypto-Friendly?

Traditional finance institutions, including banks, have been reluctant to have anything to do with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market had a significantly smaller market cap than conventional finances, and any significant investment or sale of cryptocurrencies has led to significant price changes, leading to volatility.

Over the last year, the cryptocurrency market surpassed $1 trillion for the first time and reached a record-breaking $3 trillion. Even with such market capitalization, the crypto market is open to everyone and available 24/7 and still subject to speculation and all the problems of early adoption of new technology.

If you were wondering which banks support cryptocurrency nowadays, you would be surprised at the rate of fintech companies and long-established financial institutions that have implemented cryptocurrencies or are planning to.

Making a Selection

Banks that we included on our list vary significantly and show different approaches to crypto in the financial industry. We listed traditional banks with many decades of experience and new fintech companies that have a completely different idea of how finances should work.

Since there are no established practices to be considered among the best crypto-friendly banks, that’s why we have found a diversified offer that will fit any kind of cryptocurrency investor.

There are banks that make interactions with cryptocurrency exchanges easier. Some banks will even go as far as to restrict you from using your credit card to register at an online exchange.

Some modern banks operate online exclusively and have handy mobile applications that allow you to change multiple cryptocurrencies, set up crypto savings accounts, or sell them directly for fiat currency.

The 7 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks (2022 Reviews) | Fortunly (16)

Quick Breakdown

Our Picks of Top Crypto-Friendly Banks

  • BankProv - Best for Crypto Businesses

  • Juno - Best for cashback and interest in crypto

  • Wirex - Best Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

  • Revolut - Best for Crypto Investments

  • Ally Bank - Best With US Crypto Exchanges

  • USAA - Best for Coinbase

  • Nuri - Best for Saving in Bitcoin

Guide for Finding the Best Bank for Cryptocurrencies

In most countries, regulations considering cryptocurrencies aren’t well established. Unclear rules or their absence make it even more difficult for banks to do crypto transactions or even add it to their offer. Therefore, these banks can only be established in countries with defined rules.

Differences Between Traditional and Crypto-Friendly Banks

If a bank has integrated systems for cryptocurrencies and offers services and online banking options, it’s reasonable to consider it as crypto-friendly. Such banks can simplify the cryptocurrency investment process, which isn’t as intuitive for beginner investors.

Most potential investors don’t realize that creating cryptocurrency wallets is a simple process and feel more confident if a reputable institution has direct custody over its security. Furthermore, most banks support legitimate and established coins and tokens. Therefore, if you as an investor have a dilemma in which cryptocurrency to invest in among thousands available, choosing these major projects may be a better choice long term.

Pros of Choosing a Crypto Bank

Looking for the best bank account for cryptocurrency is currently a necessity for anyone looking to use their digital assets to make payments and transactions. Even though cryptocurrencies don’t need a banking system to work, one of the main advantages of the technology, the reality is that converting them to fiat currency is a necessity until wider adoption by countries is implemented.

Despite these issues, crypto has become one of the major investment assets and banks are increasingly recognizing that their clients want and need an easier way of getting into the market.

Cons of Choosing a Crypto Bank

If you take a look at what banks that allow you to buy cryptocurrency have to offer to users, you’ll notice that they may lack some of the regular services traditional banks have. A bank that’s built its infrastructure around cryptocurrency, won’t necessarily have appropriate home equity loan options for you.

Risks Associated With Cryptocurrencies

While banks on our list are legitimate institutions and opening an account with them carries no risk, investing in cryptocurrencies always carries some risk. Regular fiat currency accounts with these banks are insured with trustworthy institutions, while crypto assets are not.

Despite the market's volatility, they’ve been some of the best-performing assets for investors and are still worth having as part of an investment portfolio.

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Which banks let you buy Cryptocurrency?


All crypto banks on our list have some systems of support in place for acquiring cryptocurrencies. These banks make it easier for you to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges or have the option of buying cryptocurrencies directly integrated into their service.

The best crypto-friendly banks for US citizens are BankProv, Ally Bank, Revolut, and USAA. They all make it easier to invest in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies, and most of them make it easier to create accounts on exchanges like Coinbase.


The 7 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks (2022 Reviews) | Fortunly? ›

Our Picks of Top Crypto-Friendly Banks
  • BankProv - Best for Crypto Businesses.
  • Juno - Best for cashback and interest in crypto.
  • Wirex - Best Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies.
  • Revolut - Best for Crypto Investments.
  • Ally Bank - Best With US Crypto Exchanges.
  • USAA - Best for Coinbase.
  • Nuri - Best for Saving in Bitcoin.
Aug 12, 2022

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